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Track All The Things?

Here at Acquilytic LLC, we have been actively involved in understanding and crafting the conversations, technologies, and best practices surrounding web site privacy & tracking for a long time.

So, what’s our relationship with privacy & compliance? “It’s complicated!”

On one hand, as analytics implementation experts, we naturally want to “track all the things!”


On the other hand, as internet-using human beings with families and personal lives we hate the idea of being followed around from website to website.  Isn’t that what anti-stalking laws are for?

Eww. Creepy.

So, we get it.  And, we’re all for it.  A long time ago, we decided to take a pro-active approach and get involved with crafting sensible solutions that maintain internet vitality AND protect the privacy of people like you and me.

We’ve helped lots of businesses big & small filter out signal from noise when it comes to understanding & implementing privacy protection, GDPR, and cookie-consent mechanisms.  

We help businesses understand & implement sensible, compliant tracking. Questions? Talking is free!

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